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Writer, Publicist and Everything
in Between

As a publicist and communications strategist, my mission is to elevate every artist and their brand to their fullest potential. Achieving this requires a commitment to continual reinvention and openness to new ideas. What distinguishes my approach is the seamless fusion of my artistic vision with my expertise in web design, publicity, and strategic communications.

With a background as an award-winning storyteller and filmmaker, I deeply understand the pulse of creativity and its crucial role in crafting compelling narratives and impactful branding strategies.

Feel free to explore the website to see the latest projects and client news. 


I Wasn't Really Naked

Based on the novel by Harper Jameson

Pilot | Spy Thriller

Amidst the chaos of the Nazi invasion of Paris, renowned performer Josephine Baker is thrust into a dangerous world of espionage and resistance, as she reluctantly aids the French military intelligence while grappling with her own fears and the decision to flee her beloved city. Inspired by true events.

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The American Aboriginals

Nonfiction  I Talk Show

La'Chris Jordan co-hosts this online series alongside Emmy Award®-nominated producer Brian Isom. Every week, they explore and
re-examine American history through interviews, discussions and documented evidence. Join them as they hear new perspectives from across the country about the indigenous and lost tribes of North America.


The Softwalkers

TV Pilot  I Sci-fi, Suspense  I 60 pages

After her daughter is found murdered, a CIA agent sets out to find the killers only to discover that she is on a secret hit list created by the Softwalkers - a group of supernatural beings intent on eliminating operatives who could help save humanity from extinction.

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Piney Ridge

TV Pilot  I Historical Drama  I 60 pages

Following a heart-wrenching tragedy, a Black female sharecropper in 1930s Virginia sets out on a mission of personal revenge, all while fighting the exploitation of the town’s wealthy landowners and the violent harassment of the local sheriff and his posse of unlawful men.

Roses in the Water

Feature  I Drama, Military Drama I 105 pages

A young woman in New Orleans decides to enlist in the U.S. Navy to improve her life and get out of poverty, but an unexpected pregnancy disrupts her plans. Inspired by true events.

Poe's Disciple

Feature  I Horror, Suspense  I 106 pages

Based on the bookThe Raven by best-selling author Dani Lamia.

When a mysterious, caped man from a 17-year-old's dreams begins taking revenge on her prep school bullies, the young woman must confront her past in order to stop the killing spree. 

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