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Following a heart-wrenching personal tragedy, a Black female sharecropper in 1930s Virginia sets out on a mission of personal revenge, all while fighting the exploitation of the town’s wealthy landowners and the violent harassment of the local sheriff and his posse of unlawful men. Inspired by true events. 

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Type: Pilot (60 pps)

Genre: Historical 

Subgenre(s): Western, Suspense, Mystery

Time Period: 1930s

Location: Virginia

Status: Unproduced

Comps: Boardwalk Empire, Deadwood, Damnation

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Series Overview

PINEY RIDGE is an hour-long dramatic series set in 1930s Virginia in a fictional town called Piney Ridge, Virginia. Inspired by real events, the series follows the formation of the Southern Tenants Farmers' Union and their attempts to unionize during the Great Depression. In the purest sense, PINEY RIDGE is an usversus-them story, a series about greed, power, violence and corruption in a small, Southern town and how the poor, working-class fought and resisted Big Money, Big Government and the special interests of the town’s ruling elite. Part history, part fiction, PINEY RIDGE will offer viewers a rare and under-explored slice of American history from the period of 1934 to 1938 in the context of local and world politics when Adolph Hitler was in power and had conquered most of Europe.


Awards & Honors

Winner - Best TV Concept, Queen Palm International Film Festival, 2020

Winner, The Script Lab Screenwriting Contest, 2019 

Top 1%, The Red List, 2022

Top 10, Emerging Screenwriters Genre Screenplay Competition (Historical/Bio Category), 2020

Top 20, Creative World Awards (TV Drama Category), 2021

Top 100, Table Read My Screenplay Genre Screenplay Competition, 2021

Second Round, ISA Fast Track Fellowship, 2022

Second Round, Sundance Institute Episodic Story Lab, 2021

Second Round, Launch Pad Pilot Competition, 2021

Second Rounder, Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition, 2019 

Second Round, MACRO Episodic Lab powered by The Black List, 2018 

Finalist, SAGIndie Fellowship, 2019 

Finalist, WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Fellowship, 2019 

Finalist, Film Empire Diversity Screenplay Contest, 2018 & 2019 

Finalist - Best TV Drama Pilot, FutureFemme Screenwriters Competition, 2018  

Finalist, The Breakk Screenwriting Competition, 2018

Synopsis & Award

"PINEY RIDGE is a devastating parable that crescendos a family's injustice to a full-on tale of personal revenge and redemption. Equipped with a dynamic cast and plotting that excites and pushes all of the emotional buttons, this is a pilot that's worth tracking."

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"PINEY RIDGE is a very sturdy execution of a truly compelling premise that — in spite of being set in the 1930s — holds a magnifying glass to many concepts that we're still sociopolitically grappling with today; racism, economic equality, political conspiracies, etc."

"This pilot has a story that unfolds at an unforgettably heart-pumping pace -- and reveals how the series will tackle poignant themes, casting a spotlight on a brave and bold single mother who stands up against the injustice, corruption, and hatred in her time." 

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