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A young woman in New Orleans decides to enlist in the U.S. Navy to improve her life and get out of poverty, but an unexpected pregnancy disrupts her plans. 

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Type: Feature (106 pps)

Genre: Drama

Subgenre: Military

Time Period: 1990s

Location: New Orleans, LA & Naval Station Great Lakes (IL)

Status: Unproduced

Budget: $5-$10 million

Comps: Never Rarely Sometimes Always, Mississippi Damned, Yelling to the Sky

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Mississippi Damned.jpg
Yelling to the Sky.jpg


It is 1998 and drug-related crimes have taken hold of New Orleans, especially in the run-down Desire neighborhood where Clarice Jackson lives. Dreams of enlisting in the U.S. Navy take hold, but there is one problem – Clarice is pregnant. However, Clarice is conflicted and unsure what direction to take or even how to break the news to her boyfriend, Steve. Her mother, Sadie, guesses that Clarice might be pregnant which puts pressure on her to reveal the truth. During their conversation, the apartment gets shot up in an apparent drive-by. The events that follow puts Clarice in a position to make some tough decisions about her future and come face to face with all that she holds dear.

Awards & Honors

Fellow, BIPOC Writers Fellowship: Adapting Books to Screen, 2021

Grant Development Winner, Stowe Story Labs, October 2020

Top 2%, The Red List, 2022

Top 10%, The Academy Nicholl Fellowships for Screenwriting, 2020

Top 100, Launch Pad Feature Competition, 2020 

Nominee - Golden Palm Award, Beverly Hills Film Festival, 2021

Nominee - Best Feature Script, Top Indie Film Awards, 2020

Second Rounder, Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, 2021

Second Rounder, MACRO x The Black List Feature Screenwriter Incubator, 2021

Official Selection, Beverly Hills Film Festival, Golden Palm Award Nominee, 2021

Official Selection, The Industry Next Screenwriting Initiative, 2019

Finalist, George Abbott Award for Best Script, New York City Film and Television Festival, 2022

Finalist, The Film Empire Diversity Mentorship, 2021

Finalist, SAGindie Fellowship, 2020

Semifinalist, The Script Lab Screenwriting Contest, 2021

Semifinalist, Age Inclusion in Media (AIM) - Silver Bullet Screenplay Contest, 2020

Quarterfinalist, The Writers Lab NY, 2022

Quarterfinalist, Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship, 2021

Quarterfinalist, Page Turner Screenplays, 2020

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