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Stop Being So Nice

I was sexually harassed at a job once. I was uncomfortable as hell when it happened. I told the individual I didn't like that shit more than once, but like most predators, they keep coming. Finally told my boss and went to HR because I was about to handle that shit on my an East Oakland kind of way. Don't let my education fool you. I will cut folks. Told HR the same thing and they handled it 'cause they knew I wasn't playing. Fuck all that legal shit. That'll come later.

What I learned:

1) Stop being so "nice" to mofos. Sometimes that's an open door and they think they can try you. But if you wear your "Don't fuck with me" face, they'll think twice.

2) SPEAK THE FUCK UP the minute that shit happens! We're such a slave to these jobs and that paycheck that we'll take any old shit. Don't be the 20th woman in the class action lawsuit. Got damn! We gotta use our voices and stop being punk ass bitches!

3) KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Period. There are laws against discrimination. Fight that shit and tell that mofo: "Touch me or I will own all your houses, cars, dogs and ruin your reputation if you fuck with me." Period.

And if that don't work, go deep and call your cousin Ray Ray. We all got one.

That's it, that's all.



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