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Midwest Book Review: 'I haven't read anything this compelling in ten years'

Here's an amazing book review of The Roses I Left Behind from Suzie Housley of the Midwest Book Review. The review is slated to be published on their site September 1.

At the young age of sixteen Thomas White had fallen in love with Jeyne. Their love was a forbidden taboo since she was a slave. When the time came for him to leave her and move on in the world, he knew that she would always hold his heart. Now Thomas returns back to Louisiana with memories of his youth haunting his mind. He now finds himself the new heir to a thriving plantation. He does not want the headache or responsibility that comes with this inheritance. Then he discovers a family secret, one that is assured to change all their lives.

THE ROSES I LEFT BEHIND is an exceptional book! Being a huge Civil War fan, I felt myself instantly gravitating to this time period and characters. This book literally took my breath away as I found myself falling in love with the beloved characters. La’Chris Jordan is an outstanding author whose writing voice is one that presents a strong presence. I predict this series will quickly become one of the chart toppers of the historical genre. This book took me back to the beloved times when authors new how to write REAL historical novels. Mere words can’t begin to describe how impressed with the talent of this author.

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