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JANUARY 14th is an Official Selection of the Urban Film Festival in Miami, FL

January 14th is an Official Selection the Urban Film Festival (UFF) in Miami, Florida. Official selection screenings and entry-level workshops will stream free of charge to a global audience directly through the UFF website a week prior to the official festival date (see dates below). Masterclasses, panels, and industry discussions will stream during the festival weekend. Traditional programming of in-person events are still scheduled to take place from Friday, September 4 - Sunday, September 6th.


August 25th - September 9th:  Official Selection Screenings and Entry Level Workshops Streamed free on our website.

Friday, September 4th - 6th: Masterclasses, Panels, In-Depth Discussions, 


Friday, September 4th - 6th: Meet and Greets, Networking Events, and More. 

The Urban Film Festival is a three-day event dedicated to educating, exposing and providing distribution opportunities for the new generation of filmmakers.



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