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Check Debaters at the Door

He wanted to debate me on slavery. Of course, he thought he knew better because he's educated and spewed out opposing facts. But like many debaters, they tend to focus on the collective evidence that supports their theory, which makes the opponent "wrong" even when she's right. It's a common and self-serving tactic. Yet, the true philosopher knows that theories are in flux and can change with every bit of new information received. I'm not a debater, per se (even though I studied debate and speech communication in college). I collect information and see multiple sides. That's the journalist in me. It's also called evolution.

So, now I wait for his response...after I told him to go to Amazon to read more books on the subject (slavery in America using African slaves vs. other races), and there are at least 50 or so. Knowledge is power. I haven't heard from him. He probably called me a bitch or some other expletive and moved on. Or maybe he's busy reading.

So, the next time you get in a debate with someone, cite or reference a book or two that they should read and see their response. A true "debater" can match you with a few citations of their own. Or not.Knowledge is power.

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