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Chase Your Dreams and They'll Start Chasing You

The story was already there, outlined weeks ago. All I had to do was follow the map. I did that and then some...writing scenes I hadn't planned, but in the moment, they just seemed to fit. I didn't realize how bad I wanted it until I realized how close the deadline was. I didn't even leave the house. Not once. No TV, no movies, no parties, no premieres. Nothing. Just me and my imagination. Focused. Brain and body on lock. Who called/texted? Shit, I'll call you later. I'm in savage mode now 'cause I'm a savage. I pushed myself and stopped overthinking it. I had a deadline and writing slow was not an option. Welcome to the world of episodic television.

"What about the movie you were working on, La'Chris?"

It's coming. I have this opportunity and it is about to pay more, sorry.

Yeah, grateful for the beginnings, for mom and dad who pushed me...who didn't accept excuses. "I don't know" was not allowed in my vocabulary. And now here I am, killing it again.

"It ain't bragging if it's true." - Muhammad Ali (another savage)

"Go chase them dreams, y'all and they'll start chasing you." - my quote



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