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Who's This?

I told his butt. He all over her social media pages likin' stuff. Please. Don't be likin' her stuff now that she's all happy doing things with other folks and ain't thinking about you. The same person who was too busy to return messages and now you want a message back after a couple of seasons have passed. Sheeit. She told you who she was but you were too self-absorbed thinkin' she was some basic chick and so now you woke.

Fellas, tell your dumb friends how it works when you sleep on a boss. Women out here changing the game and holding out for better spots, better careers and better men. With all these men out here, ain't nobody settlin' and couplin' with just anybody. Women ain't got to marry up no more. We already got status runnin' businesses and things. You wanna act a fool thinkin' there is better grass, you get replaced.

That's it, that's all.

I approved this PSA.



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