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The World is Asking for More

Morning epiphany and random notes from my journal: The world is asking more (of us). Our communities are asking more (of us). The next generation is asking more (of us). Complacency is no longer an option. Our old ways must die away if we are to progress. What has become commonplace is no more. YOU have to become more. It is no longer acceptable to hold onto those less desirable aspects of our personalities that others sometimes laugh at or dismiss. It is no longer funny. Instead of arguing, people are walking away from those who are less evolved.

People default to:

"This is just who I am." "I'm not changing for anyone." "F$ck 'em if they can't take a joke." "Why change if it's working for me."

But is it really? Look at your life closely. Is the old you really working in this world...a world that is evolving right before your eyes? Progress will happen despite your resistance, frustration, discomfort and paralysis. The Universe is perfect and so are its laws. Harmony is not an illusion. It is right here. All around us. We're just being broken down so that we can be built back up...the right that, we, too, can move in alignment with all that is real, all that is harmonious.



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