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LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS: Other Fish in the Sea

She was crushed but she asked and so I had to tell her. She's a true friend. "I like this man..."

I wanted to stop her right there but I didn't. I rolled my eyes instead and she laughed and was like, "Let me finish."

I said, "Ok" as I sipped on my mango smoothie. Her smoothie flavor was Cookies & Cream but I digress...

"So, what do you think?" after she finished her story.

Me: About what?

Her: Him!

Me: There's nothing to really say. I mean, men are pretty simple and they don't hesitate when they want something. So, if he was trying to pursue a relationship with you, he'd be sitting here instead of me.

Damn. Tears welled up in her eyes.

Me: Girl, you're beautiful. Don't be worried about him. This is the advice my mama gave me once: 'You can't make a man have you, if he don't want you, but there's enough of 'em out there that do.'

Sniffles, but then a smile.

Her: I love your mom.

Me: Me too.



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