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No Ring, No Benefits

So, chick said on the podcast, "We was practically living together." But now she ranting and raving and mad 'cause she put in three years and now he doing the slow fade. He didn't give her the full commitment she wanted. In a lot of ways, that's on her. Why'd you elevate the relationship when he hadn't? Why'd you take him seriously when he hadn't taken you seriously? I don't care what he told you, what did he actually DO?

Remember, you're looking for something serious, not a roommate with benefits.

Y'all wasn't married with the kids, house, mortgage, kids, property and assets. He hadn't put no ring on it. And even if he did, he was still deciding what he wanted to do...and you should have, too.

You can be polite, you can be kind. You can even have sex with him if that's what you want to do. You grown. But I've seen too many women in year-long relationships with man after man hoping to get to The One.

Yet, you can minimize your stress by having a plan. You'll need one in order to be successful. In other words, it is still "dating" until a man starts talking and doing husband-like stuff. He has to position himself as The One if he wants to be treated like The One.

And you don't need to pressure him and talk about it 500 times. Say it once, maybe twice and be done with it. The rest of the conversations should be with yourself. If the ring is not forthcoming, start packing your shit because time is money and money is time. Remember, you're looking for something serious, not a roommate with benefits.

And ladies, men know what they want. They also know what they don't. But sometimes we the last to get the memo because we want him so bad. Naw, screw that. you want the RIGHT MAN. And this may sound bad, but it's all business until he shows you otherwise.

Now, every woman may not want marriage, per se, but everyone wants love, commitment and devotion.

That's it, that's all.



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