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Life in LA: Episode 4

Yo! Here's a REAL job posting a friend showed me on Craigslist. I copied and pasted it as is.

Actual ad: "You must live in South Central Los Angeles for this job. I need someone who lives close to me and know there way around Los Angeles. I work in the entertainment business, I'm a event Planner and I run a couple of business. I need some one to help me with my business and help me plan events. The pay is low starting off but after 30 days I'll give you a raise. The pay is only $9 an hour. You must have the following to work with me. A Car, Laptop, Outgoing personality, Friendly, Nice looking. You must like dogs or have a dog. I'm 420 friendly, I don't have any kids and I go to a lot of parties."

So, basically, to work for this person, I have to live in South Central, smoke weed, have a car, be nice-looking, friendly, be a party animal, like or own a dog, spell check all your sh$t, AND work for $9/hr??!! ‪


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