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LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS: Knowing Your Worth

When you finally know your worth, nothing can stop you. You stop accepting the status quo, in life, love and career. You start demanding more of yourself and have little time for excuses. You work harder and start to remove obstacles, one day at a time.

You stop waiting for the raise at work.

You stop waiting for your crush to call.

You stop waiting for opportunities to come knocking at your door.

You stop disregarding your body.

You stop ignoring your intuition.

You stop allowing yourself to be disrespected.

You stop allowing people to use you.

You get up and symbolically grab your sword and shield knowing your fate is in your hands. No, you will not be able to control all outcomes (most of them), but you'll know in your soul something greater is waiting for you. You just have to step into your power. It's waiting for you.

This is all.

(Originally posted on Facebook on August 21, 2017)



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