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JANUARY 14TH Wins Best Social Justice Short Film at the Hollywood Women's Film Festival

January 14th won Best U.S. Social Justice Short Film at the Hollywood Women's Film Festival, a flagship event hosted by the Hollywood Women's Film Institute. Over 40 films are being screened at the festival which is being held virtually from September 19-October 1, 2020.

There were several honorees of the festival including multi-talented actor and singer Shirley MacLaine (Lifetime Achievement Award), Academy Award Nominated Writer/Director Dee Rees (Dorothy Arzner LGBTQ Director's Award), comedienne Margaret Cho (Activism Award) and cinematographer Nancy Schreiber (Cinematography Award).

The Hollywood Women's Film Institute is a Los Angeles based non-profit feminist arts and education organization, bringing together women in film, music, TV, Academia and media, from all over the world through our Global Sisters Program. The Institute provides all inclusive platforms for women in the arts. The Hollywood Women's Film Festival is a program of the Hollywood Women's Film Institute. They were established to provide a forum for women from all countries to come to Los Angeles and show their films. Their goal toward change is to engage both men and women in raising awareness through working together and participating in panel discussions and workshops to balance the power scales and end gender and racial inequity.



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