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Honoring the Ancestors

Some will say, "La'Chris, why are you always writing those stories set in the past, stories set in the past about slaves and the Civil War and the downtrodden and all that blah blah blah? Why you can't write more stories about us being successful?"

I have and I do. But let me say this - I will ALWAYS honor my ancestors. Always.

Do not come at me thinking I'm going to make stuff palatable and easy to swallow because you're tired of it. Our great-great-great grandmamas/papas were tired, too, but they "slaved" so that we can have. We didn't do any of this by ourselves. Of course, we all wanna see ourselves portrayed on TV as rich and beautiful with corporate jobs instead of being working class. Alright, whatever.

But let me set the record straight - I do not write slave stories. I write stories about people. Souls. Deep. Real. Flawed. And imperfectly beautiful. I will not diminish their lives by simply calling them "slaves" nor will I ever call my narratives "slave stories." You can use that term if you want to. But we were - and are - so much more than that.

That's it, that's all.

Originally posted on September 5, 2018 at 2:06pm



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