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Falling in Love

It isn't until you're mistreated that you begin to see your own see that self care was needed all along. In these last few months, I've been my own homie, lover and friend. And not necessarily on purpose. I just found that loving myself was more important than actively "pursuing" a relationship with someone who wasn't a homie, lover and friend.

There have been no attempts at wine-and-dine dates, coffee dates, movie dates, park dates, or anything resembling that. And there certainly have been no hook-ups. I've been completely about me lately and I rather like it. This time alone has been quite satisfying and spiritual. I'm shaping and molding the goddess within while creating without restriction. Being with the wrong one, I found, blocks true development and causes one to get derailed and stressed out. I didn't come this far for that to happen. My goal is to forge new paths like Oprah, Shonda and Ava. I truly admire these women. They're amazingly smart and non-traditional.

Eventually, the right one will reveal himself. He will be present and attentive and giving, even when the rain pours. He won't be another "boyfriend," but a partner...a companion, someone who has a passion for the arts, learning, traveling and social justice...a man who doesn't take my soul for granted nor treats or speaks to me without restraint, even when he feels justified.

He loves deeply because he knows he is being loved in the same, faithful and beautiful way. He is Love and not just lust. He is confidence and not just ego. He is constructive, not destructive. He is Light...even in the darkness.

This is the awareness you come to when you date and fall in love with yourself.



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