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Embarking on a New Journey

It's Monday morning and many of you are embarking on a new adventure/job/journey/career today...and you're probably nervous as hell. And that's okay. But let me say this. Being a "first-timer" at a thing doesn't mean you're stupid and it sure as hell doesn't mean you're not going to be successful at it. Don't EVER let anyone diminish your worth by saying, "Oh, but this is your first time." Tell them, "F$ck you," (in your mind) and put your nose to the grind and work your butt off. Because I was a first-time playwright. I was a first-time novelist. I was a first-time producer. And now I am a first-time director. And I got good at all these things and am still learning. And because I'm also a hard worker who surrounds herself by amazing, smart people and does her research, I can hold my head high without apology. So, forge ahead today in your bravery. This first-time will definitely not be your last. This is all. Happy Monday.



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