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Connect the Dots

To understand how the elite power structure works, you must first study history and analyze patterns.

To understand how boycotts work, you must first understand how money works (i.e., the Federal Reserve).

To understand how voting works, you must study and analyze how your government works. (Study the "Founding Fathers" and the real reason why the Constitution was created)

To understand police brutality, you must understand Reconstruction and its after effects. (Read "Slavery By Another Name" and "The New Jim Crow")

To understand globalization, you must understand how foreign markets work. (Read "Gun, Germs and Steel")

Unfortunately, it is hard to have said discussions because people want to argue points instead of LEARNING and LISTENING. Education doesn't mean obtaining degrees. It means acquiring knowledge from all sources, foreign and domestic. Stop rejecting the narrative that is unfamiliar and uncomfortable and read more books. Watch more documentaries. Create. Produce. Volunteer. Teach. Travel. LOVE.

Abandon being definitive and ASK more QUESTIONS and start to "connect the dots" to this complex world. The information is out there. Yes, it will take years. You will even die before even 1/10th of your questions are answered. But attain the knowledge anyway.

Start or continue.



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