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Breaking the Sister Code

Fellas (married AND dating), I'm going to break the "sister code" a bit here and tell you what women won't say out loud to you: You are ALWAYS in competition for us, the good woman who is poppin' in looks, career, personality, etc. She's not a ratchet or that low-hanging fruit.

The good woman is rare.

She won't tell you about all the male friends who have been in her life for years, the men at her job, ex-boyfriends, wanna-bes, new associates, clients, young, old and everything in between, etc....all the men who be checking for her constantly. Nor will she tell you how she be swatting 'em away like flies. Nor will she tell you all the times she's been tempted when you got to acting like a fool and didn't appreciate her.

Yeah, she's with you. For now. But don't slip up and get comfortable thinking you good. You better check in and ask her what more you can do, especially if you ain't put a ring on it yet. Or better yet, LISTEN when she's talking to you. Bring your A-game and treat her like a gift. Otherwise, you gon' be in the corner singin' the blues like BB King.

That's it, that's all.



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