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Waiting at the light to cross the street. Head buried in the phone checking for messages and playing Mahjong on my phone, a standard practice after leaving the office. Guy about 50 appears and is all in my face. I thought I had crumbs on my face or I was someone he recognized. Immediately, I knew he wasn't from here.

Him: Sorry, you're just so beautiful. Wow. Me: Thank you.

He's not from here. He has an Italian accent.

Him: Are you married? Me: No.

He smiles and looks around.

Him: Oh, good. I just wanted to make sure he wasn't hiding anywhere.

We laugh.

Him (as we're crossing the street): Can I take you out for a drink sometime?

Oh, boy, here I am...assessing my dating future in a matter of seconds in downtown LA on a crowded street. He seemed sweet and I did tell God that I'm not looking anymore, that it was finally his turn after all these years to let him bring my future husband to me, that I'm done being hard-headed and trying to fit round pegs in square holes (or is it square pegs in round holes)?

Anyway, I defaulted to my intuition and gave him my standard line/lie....

Me: I'm dating someone.

Respectfully, he honored that and we parted ways and went in opposite directions. But it gave me hope that there are, indeed, gentlemen out here who were raised right and can approach a woman with class and humor. That goes a long way.



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