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A New Beginning

It's Monday, which means a whole new week...a whole new beginning. Stop worrying about last week and what didn't get done. Stop worrying about what they said about you. Stop worrying about not getting that job or promotion. Stop worrying about that comment, argument or betrayal. What you gon' do? Lie in bed all day? Cry? Mope? All that's in the past now. Stressing ain't gon' change nothin'. Get up and brush that mess of and get to stepping.

Grind, grind, grind. I spent a total of eight hours this weekend with various members of my team/tribe/creative collaborators and realized that there is still so much more work that needs to get done.

Self-development is a process and you ain't gon' always win. But when you do, watch the haters come out and simply smile. They gon' come knocking on your door eventually with their two -faced selves. Of course, nothing beats revenge like success. Go get it. Trust me, you'll love every bit of yourself later.



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