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Drama (2M, 3W)


Carrie and John's perfect marriage is falling apart. The child that Carrie gave birth to is not David’s – or is it? Desperate to save her relationship and silence rumors of an extramarital affair, Carrie reveals a shocking truth about the paternity of the child. Yet, even after Carrie’s startling confession, the couple is left with more questions than answers as they come face to face with a past they wish they could leave behind.


Drama (3M, 3W)


Betty Morgan is a Jehovah's Witness who has leukemia and only a blood transfusion can save her. Yet, it is against her religion to receive blood under any circumstances, even to save her own life. Yet, when Betty falls into a life-threatening coma, her husband, Sam, is faced with the difficult decision to adhere to his wife's wishes or go against them.


Drama (3M, 3W)


It is the spring of 2000 and life in the New Orleans Desire Housing Projects isn't easy for Clarice. The dead-end job, the drive-by shootings, and the constant struggle to pay the rent have all taken their toll on her and she wants out. With no other viable options, Clarice enlists in the U.S. Navy despite her mothers objections. But will life in the military be any safer than life in the projects? A challenging and timely drama with sharp humor.


Drama (4M, 4W)


It is the summer of 1910 and a race riot in a neighboring town of Thaxton has the black and white residents of Piney Ridge on edge. And when a white woman is raped by the son of Piney Ridge's richest landowner, the tension in the community only deepens, causing the residents to turn to drastic measures to calm it. Loosely based on actual events.

HARAM (2007)

Drama (4M, 4W)


Lena has been writing a series of damaging exposés about the UAE's royal family, a dangerous and daring act in an Islamic country ruled by lies and censorship. And when Lena's best friend and colleague, Anupa, goes missing while pursuing her own blistering story about the government, Lena is immediately drawn into the political fire.

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